Trip Essentials

Recommended Clothing


(Cooler & Coldest temperatures)

  • Layers including wool or thermal/water wicking undergarments
  • Outerwear including an insulated jacket, gloves, and headgear
  • Warm socks
  • Shoes with insulation & traction


(Spring temperatures are in flux so not a bad idea to call ahead as some winter items could make your experience more enjoyable)

  • Warm underlayers with flexible outerwear(long-sleeved shirt & pants)
  • Hiking shoes
  • Comfortable shirt, sweater, or jacket(depending on weather)
  • Hat


  • Waders, wading belt & boots(If you don’t have your own, call ahead as rentals may be available)
  • Flyfishing equipment including rod, reel, line, flies will be provided.
  • Camera
  • Polarized glasses(These can really take the glare off the water & assist in spotting fish)
  • Bug spray


(Within both MN & WI a valid fishing license in addition to an inland trout stamp will be required prior to fishing)